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Solar Energy: Bringing Freedom to Your Household

Solar Energy: Bringing Freedom to Your Household

A report from the Solar Energy Industries Association reveals that from 2000 to 2065, the Earth may find more extinction of plant and animal species to extinction due to global warming. In business, many are speculating that the effects of greenhouse gases from fossil fuels push corporations to switch to clean, renewable sources of energy. With solar energy technology becoming more affordable, accessible, resilient, and efficient, several households are also gaining freedom and independence to their energy usage.

Thus, Azurge, your trusted partner of renewable energy in Hallandale Beach, Florida, brings you four reasons why you should consider installing solar panels at home.

  1. Reduces Your Energy Bill
    You will be able to generate your own electricity allowing you to use less from the utility supplier; this increases your sustainability and self-reliance when it comes to energy.
  2. Provides Energy Production During Peak Hours
    Energy demand tends to be higher in the 11:00-16:00 time frame and early in the evening. Consequently, the energy price peaks during this time of the day. With solar power, you can store enough electricity to power your home even through peak usage hours.
  3. Provides Clean, Renewable Energy
    Alternative energy like the sun itself has the least negative impact on the environment compared to any other energy source. Solar energy does not produce greenhouse gases and does not pollute the water.
  4. Increases Resale Value of Your Home
    According to Zillow Economic research, homes with solar-energy systems sold 4.1% more on average than those without solar power.

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